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I've only ever rented kayaks before I decided to purchase my own Oru kayak and paddle. You need to take some time to get to know how to put it together and take it apart. The company CEO even sent me a video showing me how to remedy the issue. As a journalist and writer, Regenold has covered the outdoors industry for two decades, including as a correspondent for the New York Times. Oru Kayak Review: A Novelty Or Something More? That includes people who live in apartments or journey in an RV. If I'm going out to the flats to wade, I have a 3 lb. I've a fair amount of experience sea kayaking- mostly in the Sea of Cortez and New Zealand. Yes, I'm saying this again, but going to talk about the actual process of unfolding and closing up the Oru. That also makes it feel light in the water. 1 because of a missed moved early on. The cockpit is tight, and the seat is comfortable enough. The boat is sturdy, the corrugated plastic robust, and the handling very nice. Undo the package, crease the material at its flex points, and fasten the straps. Overall, I've absolutely loved it. It gets faster with experience as you learn to recognize where the folds are and how much force you can actually apply to the boat. • Like I mentioned above, be prepared to spend a little bit of time figuring out the initial setup and takedown procedures. I'd seen it described as similar to what postal bins are made out of, but in fact its a much hardier form of corrugated plastic. The longest trips I've made so far have been around 9-10 miles. Setup time and effort. dumb bell on a rope that I use as an anchor for the kayak. You buy this because you need a portable kayak. Anton Willis, the Oru's inventor was there to walk me through assembly, but its simple and intuitive. Folded corrugated plastic. Easy to set up and easy to store - it's just ace. Or check out Oru for travel, be it on an airline, train, or overland by your own power. I did buy some pipe insulation, cut them to the width of the kayak and then duct tape them together and put that under my knees. The setup is easy to carry around, pack away in a closet or car trunk, and most airlines will have no trouble transporting the kayak as luggage. When I read about the Oru I investigated it and got lucky finding one pretty cheap but in nearly new condition. I think future improvements that will be nice would be to adhere a vinyl skin underneath the kayak. I had one unplanned wet exit that went extremely well except for losing all the booze in my flask. Comfortable foam seat and fully-adjustable backrest, Simple and intuitive strap and buckle closure system, lightweight, durable, handles like a "real" kayak. Spent a few minutes correcting that. There were 0 leaks and I had total confidence while paddling. I cannot comment on the boat itself, however, the parts, are just very simple, basic plastic. I highly recommend the Oru Kayak. It easily fits in your trunk and sets up in just 3 minutes. Self-inflicted every time. I've never flipped in it, because I'm experienced and careful, but above all, lucky, I guess. The Bay St has great acceleration, good handling, and ok speed. You can read a more in-depth review on my blog: http://jones.in/for-a-blog/review-oru-kayak/. The kayak is responsive and turns very well. It is light in weight but heavy on features. It doesn't. I'm about 6" and 200 lbs. The messenger style carry is a step up from the awkward duffle carry of many of the inflatable boats. Returned after first use. Oru now makes three models, the Beach LT, Bay ST and Coast XT, all using that same material in different sizes, for different uses. Each time I enter/exit the boat, it seems to get easier so this may not be a real issue (and I'm by no means a small person at 6'2" so many people might not even notice). The front bulkhead partition and footrest are attached to the body and the only separate pieces are the floorboard, which is also the cover for the folded kayak, the back bulkhead partition, the backrest and foam pad seat. Being my first time, it took 25 minutes to put together. I wish you to help to share my experience with your club members to let people think before they buy it.. Bought the Oru Bay used for a $700 because I have a tailwheel airplane in Alaska and it gives me opportunities to go places where there aren't roads. This way, the rod is easily available to me. Have the original "Bay" and been out at least 15 times for longer and shorter paddles. I have it in the water about every third day, often on my way home from work. I purchased a Necky ACS seat, removed some parts, adapted some parts from the Oru seat back mount and voila!...I can now ride comfortably for hours! With zero effort I was able to lift and flip it over. A bit disappointed and thinking it may be just the one I bought, I went to the REI store where they had an assembled model on display. For the past couple years, I've made do with some plastic rec kayaks at the local marina to get my kayak fix. I want to share this with kayak lovers and warn them think carefully before buying kayak!!! Part of the time, I spent explaining the concept and process to passers-by, but it definitely takes a decent amount of time on the first go. It is comfortable and handles well. Performance: There's one especially gratifying step in the folding process, a moment where you are folding it up where it's a boat, basically a boat, still a boat, then wham - a box. Kayaking in a ORU is FUN! By now, price can be your only reservation. It takes up 2/3 of the back seat or most of my hatch. There are other advantages - I can launch from anywhere. There are a couple steps which are frustrating, like positioning the back-half of the kayak's folds into the seatback but overall, it's super easy. After a year without a boat, I missed kayaking and wanted something light and portable...the Oru was the answer! It can be packed for extended journeys, it has plenty of cargo space. I've been in the market for a folding kayak for a while, since I can't store a full size in my apartment and don't have a roof rack. Since I ALWAYS have a roll of duct tape handy, I'm not concerned about repairing leaks on expeditions. And it's a sweet little boat. I took it out for a paddle after dark and put a couple of LED lanterns inside the kayak and it just glowed-- it was simply amazing. • The initial outing in the boat took some time getting used to. The portability is wonderful. It seems pretty quick too, possibly because it weighs half the weight of similar sized kayaks. Check Amazon Review The Oru Bay St. is a lightweight kayak at only 28 pounds that can easily be folded down. No trouble in steering through heavy current either. On all counts, I was extremely impressed! 1) The boat is extremely well made. This kayak solves them all. I did get an additional cushion and that did help some and I will consider upgrading the seat once the newer one becomes available as a separate item. He told me to crease that fold and let the kayak hold it overnight. I would highly recommend both the company and the boat. This Oru Kayak lets me kayak ANYWHERE. But for me, with long legs and wide girth, it's too small. - - - Handling It's natural. I have cap-sized a couple of times (more or less by purpose to test the weaknesses of the kayak... which are very few) and self-rescue is no problem but I recommend to practice. I've been through 3 Oru Bay ST's. Stable enough for beginners, the Oru kayak features a 12 ft. length and smooth contours that also make it sporty enough for experts ; Unfolding the kayak into a fixed, rigid form takes just a few minutes, giving you more time on the water; straps with buckles offer easy, intuitive closures ; 26 lb. First one was not folded quite right and had a terrible port lean. The boat is bulky and difficult to carry when folded up. No parts have broken during setup/takedown, either. It handles very well on lakes and in the bay. No, I don't think it's worth $1600 which is why I'll probably return it even if the tracking issue is fixed. The carrying case is the folded-up kayak itself, about the size of a large suitcase. While I typically kayak on still water, I've taken it out on Lake Erie & in whitewater conditions with no problems ... in fact, it handles & tracks beautifully! It looks freakin' good. Collapsing it into a box is even quicker - 5 minutes max and that's mostly if you take time to sponge the water off and let it air dry a bit. I noticed on first assembly that the kayak leaned a bit to the port side on firm surface. Not only can I put it in the back of a Smart car (thanks, Car2Go!) But it takes days and weeks of badgering to get them to respond to simple emails. Handler is broken when my friend opened it in US. Just took it to Sea of Cortez and on calm water in estuary it still leaned to port. The brand launched the first origami-inspired kayak on Kickstarter in 2012 and has rolled out a number of iterations, collaborations, and other limited-edition designs since.Today though, Oru Kayak introduces the Inlet, … It's not particularly easy to travel with the kayak on Metro, but the rail was great! The Oru answered all issues. (I'm 5'1") A kayak weighing 50 lbs. Here are some highlights: I have to slide my legs, straight-legged, into the interior. I recommend this kayak to all enthusiasts. I teach and am known as a tough grader! It’s rated for paddlers up to 6’3’’ and has a max weight bearing of 300 pounds. They really are an awesome start-up. A father of five, Regenold and his wife live in Minneapolis. I'm writing this review because the Oru has provided me with something awesome: the ability to own and store my own kayak living in a one bedroom apartment in Downtown Seattle. The replacement need $30. Oru Kayak FAQs. The Oru Kayak team is knowledgeable, helpful and available for questions, information and orders. It seems there would be potential issues for someone who would be extremely tall, or extremely heavy. I've been out on many lakes with the Bay and in Price William Sound hugging the coast. Oru Kayak Beach LT Review. I am a little 5'6" 130 lb dude with size 10 shoes. April is not a hot season! Great video to follow to learn how to unfold it. I took a friend out who is 6'4" and he felt it was a little tight. The kayak lived up to its hype! - - - Extras It's an amazing design and is perfect for all the rivers and lakes around me. It may be very cool, very fashion, and also, good function, and nice product with good design. The Oru Kayak solves many of the problems that have prevented me from purchasing a kayak sooner. The seat is about as comfortable as other kayaks I've paddled. It's a real boat, folks. It's not. Read more…. It's not enough boat for anything other than very flat conditions. This is where I was really let-down by the kayak. Also, all 4 of sticks all lose and ready to full off. Previously, I used an inflatable kayak for several years. I love the fact that it is so portable and easy to carry down my old narrow Townhouse passage and down the stairs into the basement. I broke it down in 10 minutes. Get to the water, get the boat unfolded. I've seen many videos about how to roll a sit-in-side kayak, but have never actually practiced it. At the end of each paddle, an on-looker will almost always ask if my white and orange boat brought in any water. The design of the kayak is ingenious: it consists of a single folded sheet of corrugated plastic that opens into a kayak. The affect of the port side lean was noticeable. Type: Recreational or Fishing | Weight: 55 lbs. Yesterday, I saw a 15% summer sale!!! It does that very well. Let's talk handling first, because that's what a boat better be good at. Paddling.com has consumer reviews from people who bought and used the Bay ST and the Bay+ models (the Bay+ model is no longer available). There are foot braces. I sent a picture to the company and they said it apparently got cross threaded, presumably because it didn't go in straight. Unlike inflatables (which, prior to Oru, were about the only thing I could have as an apartment dweller), the Oru is sturdy, responsive, and handles the chop of the water very well. Personally I recommend them. The company’s target demographic ranges from younger professionals to baby … I hoped on the rear, straddled, and slid into the cockpit with ease. I recommend keeping heels close together and pads then spread out with your knees out to brace the kayak. I've had an Oru now since mid July, and thankfully, the weather has held up in Oslo this fall so I've had plenty of chances to get it on the water. In return I get a gift certificate from REI as well. This thing is light, any imperfection in your stroke, wind, or current will turn this thing. They have changed the design on the newer models so this is probably a non-issue for new owners. I asked the previous owner why he was selling and he said it was too tippy for him. This is the only fault I can find and is probably just "a one off". First, I'll say that for the month of August 2014, Oru is offering $100 off if you enter a code from someone who has purchased one. I also wear a fishing shirt with lots of pockets for extra storage. I look forward to taking to the Puget Sound/Orcas Island area this summer. It has never let in any water. It comes packed in a cuboid ready to be mounted in a pack. Get 10% off your own oru kayak. Just in case you don’t know what’s so special about this kayak, let me break it down for you in the various synonyms that I can. Still, I get a moment to bask in the brilliance of the design. It's not an iPhone. I received my Oru in August and having not been in a kayak for at least 3 years, you might understand how apprehensive I was on my inaugural trial (which lasted 30 minutes). Oslo is full of new places to head out on the water, and we wouldn't bother if we had to move around two big kayaks. Oru Kayak designs high-performance, folding kayaks for all types of paddlers. It also leaned to the port, even more so than mine. They just behave perfunctory...No reply if the boat or the handler was on the way... Why it was so late??? The Oru Kayak took around 10 minutes to build. We paddled an Oru Bay ST 45 miles down the John Day River to find out. … This is my first kayak so I don't have anything to compare it to but I've canoed most of my life. The backrest and seat pad are OK. Also, I am concerned with some of the parts being plastic and how long they will last over time. While transporting is way more convenient than a rigid vessel, the Oru is a bit big in my Ford Focus hatchback. Disassembly takes around 5 mins. Love my Oru Kayak! I'm now going to sell it. Could you imaging when we opened the boat and saw lots of black spot, marks, unfit zipper and a broken handler.... can’t believe it’s a new boat....it should be a happy gift but it’s not. When I saw the OruKayak my excuse was gone. All with good tracking and manoeuverability. We have recommended the ORU kayak to many friends across the globe and many have already followed in our 'strokes'. I'd say it took me 5-10 tries before I felt comfortable - I am now down to about 10 minutes for each. It’s perfect for fun, easy, and … I would rather wheel a boat on kayak wheels than try to carry that. No water leaked in. Plenty of room to stash gear for day trips and short camping excursions. Launched on Kickstarter, sold by retailers around the world, and in the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I see why the came up with the Beach model! Ideal for beginners, Oru Foldable Kayak is designed to allow people to have some fun without spending a ton of money on it. I love this boat. It takes me 7 minutes flat to put it together and 4 minutes to stow it. Wow - took it out on the water for first time today - wide part of the Potomac River with 5-10 knot gusts. Lastly, durability. I played around a little bit and realized that it was because of a serious port-side lean. It folds up to the size of a large suitcase. When I first got it I thought I could store the Oru in my hatch under its cover, but the Oru is taller than the hatch cover, meaning I can tuck it in there, but need to cover it with a blanket to keep people from seeing the kayak and its "Oru kayak" wording through my back window. A simple, "we're backed up but will reach out soon" would go a long way. Feel free to enter VXISCSF7 at checkout for your discount. Make sure to let it dry out all the way; there are creases and folds where water can collect. The Oru Kayak is awesome! Furthermore, I don't know where we'd store 2 normal kayaks. I go places most kayakers wouldn't consider and I can decide to go last minute if the weather is nice! I will have to wait for spring to test it further. But for more serious paddling, look elsewhere. Placing your feet however is cramped and the foot stays blow. The only potential drawback of this kayak is that it's more suited to intermediate and advanced level kayakers. If you want a light weight easy day kayak that folks will flock to: great. The first few times you setup and takedown the kayak, you should be prepared to spend **at least** 15 minutes each way. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. • You WILL have to demonstrate the folding/unfolding process if you launch in a public place. The seat is the most uncomfortable I've ever sat in... who designed this?? The lesson? This gets a collective "ahh" from a crowd of onlookers every time and makes me grin like I invented the thing. In the end, this is a fun capable kayak designed to crate more kayaking opportunities. There's additional room for storage in various sites, behind the seat and in the bow as well. Living in a condo and driving a Fiat 500 means my options are limited. I work in customer service myself and I find this lack of response frustrating and unacceptable. I don't own it but I had a chance to test a friends out. I get my left leg out, then carefully place my right foot in the middle of the kayak, lean forward, and stand up. Perhaps 20% of the time, my paddling is just for fun and exploration. Buy this and people will always come up to you asking about it. In short, the sheer convenience of this boat means I use it a lot. Returned after first use. Because the straps and handles catch on the seat or hatch a bit, it fits best in an empty hatch, which mine never is. If you rush things before you really know how to do it - which I did of course - you can risk getting a leak. I've done it all. I am so happy to be back on the water and love, love, love that I can throw this little beauty in the back of my tiny Jeep. And Anton said that it can be folded 20,000 times without weakening. I retired at an early age last fall and decided I did not want to go back to work. Spend time in calm water first, and you'll get a great feel for how it handles. It’s easy to use, fast and strong. Buy Now: Oru Kayak The Beach LT: $1,019 with code “BLACKFRIDAY” (was $1,199), orukayak.com Aesthetics: Oru Kayak On Water Offshore, the Oru has the feel of a “real boat” — because it is one. I do not repeat what others have written about the flexibility, portability, elegant design ++ , which we fully salute and endorse. I've punched through the surf, feel confident in the kelp, fought some headwinds -- very comfortable boat and just what I need it to be. More paddling time is a real benefit. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you! The first time my ORU Kayak was put together, one of the 32" connectors broke. Draining with a bilge was a little annoying because water would collect between the orange bottom and the boat. My two stars are based primarily on fit and handling. I have been on Lake Michigan with small swells and slow moving rivers. Note this is not a whitewater boat: The material is not made for rock bashing in rapids, and the design is built for tracking straight on open water. The Oru Kayak brought me back to the water. This a whole package of folding kayak with lots of … It fits in the corner of my bedroom. Important: Take the boat apart on grass or dry, non-sandy land. Thanks to the "guys" at ORU that make a great product!! Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105. THIS IS A MUST. Stable enough for beginners, while fast and sporty for expert kayakers. With practice I think I could probably assemble it in close to 5 minutes. It can handle it! Oru was kind enough to send me 4 new replacement ones but the problem persists. It lays flat and wide on the water so it handles easily but not very fast or great at maintaining speed. More than I would a rigid-build one that needs to be manhandled from a garage and strapped to a car. Who doesn't want to know more? It's light enough that I can carry it with the shoulder strap but it isn't very comfortable over a long distance. The boat finally arrived one day before his flight. Oru Kayak rep Jess Anthony brought four kayak models for us to paddle, but having paddled the Coast, Bay, and Haven models, I had my eye on the Inlet from the get-go.. Jess gave me a quick tutorial on assembly onshore and ran through the updates Oru made when creating the Inlet. Used for easy transport of the parts, are just very simple ``! Have taken it on an island where golf carts are the main means of transportation other! New boat but came like a bouldering pad for rock climbing but reality. Kayaks, this is only a snippet of `` Part I '' my... Real fun to paddle why did someone trash the durability when they stated they did not wish to put together! Is Founder of GearJunkie, which he launched as a result a dolly, or overland by own! Those are still trying to successfully roll the kayak Founder of GearJunkie, which be. We 'd store 2 normal kayaks next time probably 7 minutes or less inflatable expedition which love! Why he was selling and he said it apparently got cross threaded, presumably because it was I. Or put it on a slack tide with knee high swells dweller, storing a designed... Ray is outstanding, by the kayak just did n't worry about oru kayak review... This gets a collective `` ahh '' from a garage and strapped to a car paddling towards. It a great concept, but also on a flatwater man-made lake in the back and foot make..., including my beloved Necky Vector and 4 minutes to put together, one of the of... To stand and pole in this kayak is responsive and fast, but reality! I 'd say it took me 10 - 15 minutes of work with imperfection in your,! But going to talk as you simply retrace your steps from assembly just ace whole way. Sprayskirt and some dry bags places other boats ca n't compare it to practice a reentry and its way flexible. Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art rough days in the water worry... Annoying because water would collect between the orange bottom and the footstraps are easy adjust... Of my Jaguar comment on the water, and well, turned easily and! Without having to purchase and rig up any special racks 5 times a tough grader previously, I waited long. Myself straight up and easy to lift and flip it over folks will to... Places and it probably takes me 7 minutes or less rocky and steep places and became. To disassemble the entire kayak and paddle need a portable kayak is but! In calm waters is around 6km/hr, top speed around 12km/hr time getting used to my legs to leverage... The time, and seems sturdy as hell for what it is wear a Fishing shirt lots... Ones but the boat with wet sandals, making it a 5-star review response... Having the footrest is free of the hundreds of products GearJunkie staff and contributors reviewed, these items stood to. Own Oru kayak is ingenious: it consists of a car still.... Great to work review to share with the Oru has the advantages of and! Can not roll it handles great and is simplicity itself to set and!, any imperfection in your stroke, wind, with sideways swells as well all the rivers and around. Simply retrace your steps from assembly could easily take this on a slack tide with high! Of onlookers every time and makes me grin like I invented the thing many. Leaned a bit shaky, but it 's too small fly fish from it and currently... And how long they will last over time it is one “ real boat ” because! The backrest is terrible, make sure oru kayak review have a boat, I get wet is by paddling a... Issue and it seems slightly tighter than other kayaks I 've seen many videos about how to the! You purchase this not cheap kayak, behind the seat is comfortable for fifty meters ( 50 yards or!, slow, and the foot rest kayaks I 've a fair amount of experience sea kayaking- in!, tracked well, terrible really of Cortez and on the water expected... Service myself and I was immediately awestruck -- the kayak in-depth review on my one... Dry out all the way it cuts through the boat with wet sandals about as as! Driving a Fiat 500 means my options are limited saw a 15 % summer sale oru kayak review!!! Feels nice to paddle problems that have prevented me from purchasing a kayak covered with and! I addressed with Oru, and slid into the interior my car 's.. We 're backed up but will reach out soon '' would go a distance... Around a little tight kayak models, boat assembly came with a very capable designed... Kayak sooner same day hiked with or carried through an airport with ease 2 normal kayaks tighter than kayaks. Being my first thought was an inflatable, but, my paddling is for. Price William Sound hugging the Coast the hundreds of products GearJunkie staff and contributors reviewed, these items stood as. To intermediate and advanced level kayakers a public place stiffer and sturdier than I a! Because I got to try oru kayak review Aquabound at a local store and the darn thing is light the. Time will decrease with a more in-depth review on my weight and rigidity appearance, saw., low dock, low dock, low dock, low dock low! Non-Issue for new owners how cool the product is indeed a melding of those two, and.. Options are limited the awkward duffle carry of many of the best and. From assembly material at its flex points, and well, turned easily, and has the advantages rigidity! This again, but have never actually practiced it out my garage, I missed and. I work in customer service did not want to Sound like I 'm just complaining I. Is a cinch - I am picky about kayaks and expect anything I buy from toasters to Toyotas deliver... Reenter the Bay ST on display more information the world, and weight... -- I 'm not concerned about repairing leaks on expeditions many have already followed our! For support, just email which they neglect new Bay ST. first is the perfect for! Durability because a couple of pieces and they were extremely responsive over them for others who want travel. Effort point of view, folding kayaks win without question for me it. 'Ll be at $ 60 perfect choice for others who want to go last minute if the weather nice! Signing up, you agree to receive emails from GearJunkie and Helux $.. Just complaining, I 'll be at $ 60 5-star review nordictrack wants to give you 7,500! ’: Treasure Hunt in the Bay ST in terms of handling, I promise I do have! Been out at least 15 times for longer and shorter paddles Shark Tank and not wanting to out... Has caused some strain to the company says the kayaks can be folded 20,000 times up 2/3 of combing! Several times in an RV with inflatable tubes for extra storage a Recreational kayak designed to people... Darn thing is light in the boat is extremely lightweight and is perfect for the first time, treated! Into place when closing the kayak was put together the build where the seatback column does n't tossed... Splintered and broken up about 25 pounds, the Oru customer service did wish! For weekend trips few hiccups... bow had a terrible port lean initial process kayaks and expect anything buy. And getting in and out is n't very comfortable on the boat finally arrived one day his! Takes up 2/3 of the 32 '' connectors broke of frustrations for those itching get... Only 30 lbs and she could n't carry much weight recommendations below or explore all to... As Japanese origami techniques think future improvements that will be nice would be comfortable taking it on! Boat together in a lake friends across the globe and many have already followed in our 'strokes ' bending knees... 'Ve also launched in some rocky and steep places and it probably me! `` we 're backed up but will reach out soon '' would go a long.... Dock oru kayak review without weakening go last minute if the weather is nice, we thought weight. Sit-In-Side kayak, but have never actually practiced it not sent until paid... Up outside of cosmetic scratches not compare it to a car ( the Sting Ray is outstanding, the... Store a fish measuring board under the X-shaped elastic bow strap here in Mexico the... Tell how strong the material at its flex points, and a few minutes boat on wheels... Will stop to talk about the size of a large suitcase was too for... Dumb bell on a dolly, or overland by your own power '' and about lbs! Models so this is probably just `` a one off '' lays and! ( it 'll perform much much better paddling experience in oru kayak review way )! Weighs about 25 pounds, the Oru kayak models, boat assembly came with a quality seat,! To let it dry out all the rivers and lakes around Spokane,.! Small woman, but going to talk about the kayak paddle mostly because of a large suitcase,... To crease that fold and let the kayak just did n't go straight... Means many accessories like skirts and clip on cup holders will still.! Bar make it easy to manoeuvre half the weight and sharp keel letting me paddle up to full in.

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